Exclusive: Why VistaPrint is So Bullish on the Caribbean

VistaPrint’s Roger Williams recently spoke with Caribbean CRM Central to talk about the company’s captive design, sales and services centers in Bermuda and Jamaica. Roger is the General Manager of VistaPrint Jamaica Limited. About a quarter of the company’s 1,600 global workforce is based in the Caribbean. The talent pool in Jamaica has become one of the core attractions for VistaPrint. vp_logo.999999

Roger shares some insightful comments about the reason for VistaPrint’s commitment to developing a nearshore operations center. Follow this link to see the whole interview…
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Post Script: Senior Execs at ACS Explain E-Services Acquisition and Cross-selling

We continue to get significant interest in our coverage of the ACS acquisition of E-Services, based in Jamaica and St. Lucia. As follow up, I wanted to post a link to the transcript of yesterday’s ACS analyst meeting which included discussion of the E-Services acquisition.

Human capital is seen as an asset in the Caribbean

Human capital is seen as an asset in the Caribbean

Tom  Burlin,  Chief Operating Officer at ACS, explains on the call:  “The acquisition provides us with potential for incremental BPO crossselling opportunities…We believe this acquisition will be a really nice addition to ACS and helps expand our global production model.” For the full transcript click here.

The deal – which was reportedly years in the making – continues to be a promising indication of ACS belief in the human capital potential in the Caribbean region.

IAOP: Where are the Caribbean Players?

It’s a shame we didn’t see a Caribbean presence at this week’s IAOP meeting. The Caribbean region does not currently have its own IAOP chapter, but IAOP chairman Michael Corbett told me it’s an issue that the association’s leadership is looking at. caribbeanmap0000000000000000000000000Whether the Caribbean outsource community joins the Central America group, or goes out on its own, is an open question.
One thing is for sure: The networking, spirit of collaboration and organizational best practices were what made the IAOP meeting in Guatemala so successful. I am confident the Caribbean can develop a similar community to help the islands’ outsourcers speak as one and help better define the unique value of the region. If you’re active in Caribbean outsourcing and want to get involved in potential discussions around forming a group, drop me a line: kirk@nextcoastmedia.com