Off Hours Pick of the Week: Sir Viv Richards as Temperance Ambassador

The legendary Cricket master Sir Vivian Richards has teamed with Johnnie Walker, the world’s best-selling brand of Scotch whisky, to stress the importance of knowing your limits. The campaign is an enlightened step and we applaud both Sir Richards and the Johnnie Walker marketing brand leaders for taking a visible role to help reduce drinking and driving hazards.

Now that we’ve addressed the serious issues, ease back and enjoy the skillful play of Sir Richards on the pitch.


Off Hours Pick of the Week: Caribbean sway from Brisbane to the Big Apple

Friends check out the islands surf sounds of the Aussie band Tamarama, who played this week at Webster Hall in New York City. Weather watchers claim the band’s arrival spontaneously caused the mercury to rise in the previously frozen Big Apple.  The lead singer has an amazing likeness to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. What’s your temperature rating?

The tunes: 

A “Spray of Surf Rock” Says the New York Times