Caribbean Nations Outrank India, Brazil and Mexico in ICT Readiness

The World Economic Forum’s release of the most networked countries in the world provides an interesting snapshot worldecom2222222222221of where Caribbean nations place among some well known ICT havens, some with far larger economies and populations. The report, sponsored by Cisco, is a graphic indicator of the powerful role of ICT as a catalyst for commercial success. Irene Mia, a senior economist of the Global Competitiveness Network at the WEF and co-editor of the report says the success of leading ICT nations (including perennial frontrunning Nordic countries, the United States and Singapore) is a reminder to public and private interests to stay focused ” on ICT as an important enabler of growth and competitiveness in times of crisis.”
Noteworthy in the results was the showing among leading Caribbean nations, most of whom continue to place ICT initiatives high on the investment agenda. Barados ranked 36th, Puerto Rico (42), Jamaica (53) and Costa Rica (56). Famous members of the BRIC clan – India and Brazil – ranked at or below the level of the leading Caribbean countries. India was ranked at 54 (falling four spots from last year) and Brazil came in at 59. A clear disappointment were the showings of Mexico and Agentina: both fell down the index to place at 67 and 87 respectively.


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